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Posted: May 16, 2015 By: Comments: 0

Non-profit organizations are critical to a well-functioning society. Without profit and shareholder value as the primary drivers, they are often in a position to make the world truly a better place.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the great ones and they have contributed to some of the most defining moments of my measurement career.

This Guide is about how to make communications most effective in a non-profit organization through better measurement. It is not just about proving value, but smarter decision-making on investments to enable an organization to better fulfill its mission.

There are a number of initiatives of which I am particularly proud relative to my involvement with AMEC. Yet, the creation of the Non-Profit Group at the Summit in Madrid in 2013 is my proudest achievement.

The logical outcome of that important development is this Guide, and a manifestation of AMEC’s role in driving better measurement in the organizations that champion some of the world’s great causes; children’s welfare, health, natural resources, the environment and sustainability, and medical research.

We hope you will find the Guide as valuable and instructive a resource as we enjoyed its planning and creation.

David B. RocklandDavid B. Rockland, Ph.D.
former Chairman of AMEC, and Partner/CEO, Ketchum Global Research and Analytics