The Non-Profit Communications Professional’s

(Beginners) Guide to Measurement

“I have been struck again and again by how important measurement is to improving the human condition. You can achieve amazing progress if you set a clear goal and find a measure that will drive progress toward that goal.”

- Bill Gates
See 2013 Annual Letter

Bill Gates, Co-Founder,Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


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Non-profit organizations are critical to a well-functioning society. Without profit and shareholder value as the primary drivers, they are often in a position...

Communications measurement for Non-Profit organisations

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Ben Matthews

What it is, why it’s important and why it is an important communications investment. Large-scale data is revolutionising everything...

Putting the measurement building blocks in place

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Paul Hender

Many charities and NFPs prioritise spending on front line services and therefore have limited resources for other functions, such as marketing communications...
Benjamin Franklin Founding Father

Planning comes before everything else!

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Lisa Story

Effective planning ensures we do the right things for the right reasons and in a way that facilitates meaningful measurement and evaluation...

Measuring social media – sensibly, easily and affordably

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Richard Bagnall

The communications function at Not for Profit organisations is under intense pressure. The economic climate has increased the demand...

DEFRA – Building a best practice measurement approach

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Elayne Phillips

Government Communications has seen extensive changes in the PR profession in terms of its upskilling, a shift towards digital campaigns...

Integrating the power of data and storytelling

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Elizabeth Stoltz

The value of measurement – and convincing management. Access to education, quality nutrition, a roof overhead and the opportunity…

Why you should be smart and shy away from AVEs!

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Thierry Nicolet

It is the question that dominates many industry conferences but in reality, it is pretty easy to step away from “classical” Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)...
Winning the game AMEC cover

Setting off on your measurement journey! The role of AMEC

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Barry Leggetter

AMEC has grown rapidly to become the world’s largest trade body for the PR measurement and analytics sector. We have a global footprint...